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Australia's answer to Don Williams and Jim Reeves, with some Jimmy Buffet and the Eagles flavor tossed into the mix, Roundbelly sings his own laid back brand of Australian country music, spiked with the best of country music's classics.

A popular sight busking at the Tamworth Festival of Country Music, he spends his weekends singing in pubs around Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. He's a prolific songwriter. His songs are thoughtful and rousing and sincere, laid-back and easy to listen to.
Some of his oft requested songs on the CD include "Aw Heck", "The Fowl Mouthed Cockatoo", The Wine's Made a Fool Out of Me" and "The Girls Behind the Bar". I was priviledged enough to take part in the recording of the second CD, which will hopefully be pressed by this summer (winter in Oz). There's some really beautiful and thoughtful songs on there, covering a range of styles. Pete wrote most of the songs, but he invited some of his talented friends to contribute to this CD also, and there are some real dandy numbers.
UPDATE!!!!! The new CD is done and it's great. A fine blend of country, rock, folk, with a little bluegrass, blues and gospel thrown in. Everyone who's heard it here in Chicago loves it! Be the first on your block! Ordering instructions below.
UPDATE! Another new CD, which is getting a lot of radio and internet radio play, as well as garnering great reviews!

Pete (R) and James Langan in the studio, reflection of sound engineer Malcolm in the window.
All CDs are available now., E-mail Roundbelly for ordering instructions.

Please Email Roundbelly to talk about performing or recordings!
JAMES LANGAN , who did some beautiful guitar work on the CD, is a great performer and songwriter and producer in Queensland...Visit his great website and see what he's up to.
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